The DOC Etna wineries

Excellences to be discovered: the DOC Etna wineries revealed

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Le Cantine della DOC Etna

Enchanting Diversity

More than 200 producers, 133 districts, 37 different microclimates and 3 slopes to create wines with a unique aroma, flavour and character.

Discovering Excellence: The DOC Etna Wineries

Nestled on Mount Etna’s slopes, The DOC Etna wineries are oenophile sanctuaries embodying Sicily’s viticultural excellence. Each vine tells a story of volcanic terroir, crafting wines reflecting unique soil character. Immersive experiences welcome visitors to guided tours and tastings, unveiling the craftsmanship behind each bottle.

Explore The DOC Etna wineries—a blend of tradition and innovation, where age-old practices meet cutting-edge techniques. Resulting in wines capturing Mount Etna’s spirit and resonating with vintners’ passion.

Indulge in The DOC Etna wineries’ distinctive charm—where every sip invites you to uncover Sicily’s winemaking richness.

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