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Nerello Mascalese: A Sensory Journey Between Fire and Wine

In the volcanic lands of Mount Etna, where the fiery earth meets the sun-kissed grapes, a legendary vine is cultivated: Nerello Mascalese.

Also known as Negrello or Niuriddu Mascalisi, this native black grape variety is the soul of the Etna DOC, producing wines of unparalleled complexity and character.

Its origins are lost in the mists of time, intertwined with the millenary history of Sicily. As early as the time of Greek colonization, the first Nerello Mascalese vines were cultivated on the fertile slopes of the volcano. Its name, “Nerello,” derives from the intense color of its grapes, while “Mascalese” pays homage to the County of Mascali, where the vine found its ideal home.

Cultivating Nerello Mascalese on Mount Etna is an art passed down from generation to generation. With dedication and skill, the winegrowers tame the steep and rocky terrain, creating heroic vineyards that cling to the slopes of the volcano on terraces of lava stone. The traditional alberello method, combined with layering for propagation, gives the vineyards an aura of authenticity and tradition, preserving the genetic and qualitative characteristics of the vine.

From meticulous cultivation to late harvest, every gesture is aimed at enhancing the unique qualities of Nerello Mascalese. The grapes, harvested manually between the second and third week of October, reach an optimal level of ripeness, developing a rich concentration of sugars and a unique aromatic complexity.

Nerello Mascalese stands out for its distinctive morphological characteristics. The medium-sized leaves, the pentagonal and trilobate shape, and the pruinose skin of the berries with an intense blue-black color are just some of the traits that make this vine a true gem of nature.

The vinification of Nerello Mascalese gives rise to wines of great structure and complexity. Etna Rosso DOC, in which Nerello Mascalese is the undisputed protagonist (with at least 80% of the blend), is characterized by a well-defined tannic structure, fresh acidity, and intense aromas of red fruit, spices, and minerals. An elegance that translates into an excellent predisposition for aging.

Nerello Mascalese is not just a vine, but a symbol of the richness and diversity of Etna’s winemaking. A sensory experience that encompasses the history, beauty, and strength of a territory unique in the world.